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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we allow pets ?
  2. Is the Disc Golf course open to the public ?
  3. About the weather -
  4. About checking in late or early -
  5. What if we need to leave before Breakfast ?
  6. Do we have camping ?
  7. Are children allowed ?
  8. What if we want to pay cash ?
  9. Question 9,

Answer 1:

Sorry, but we DO NOT allow pets.

Answer 2:

Yes it is. You must have your own Discs. We usually have Map/Score Cards at the Main House. You play at your own risk. And, please give us a call if you plan to come by.

Answer 3:

Oregon Weather (actually ALL weather these days) is hard to predict. Generally it's mild, and we like to say, "If you don't like the weather, wait 30 minutes." :)

Answer 4:

If you will be arriving after 5:30 pm, please give us a call to let us know, and we will provide you with additional information if necessary. And if you'd like to arrive early (before 3:00pm) you might have to wait for your Treehouse to be cleaned, but you are welcome to hang-out. In the slower times of the year, call us, if no one stayed the night before, chances are your Treehouse will be ready earlier and you are welcome to check in.

Answer 5:

If you will be leaving before Breakfast, let us know. We can arrange a To-Go Option for your Party.

Answer 6:

We do not allow Camping. Our designation is for Bed & Breakfast. Additionally, our facility is on a Septic and is maxed at our current capacity.

Answer 7:

Yes, children are allowed. They will be charged as additional people the same as adults.

Answer 8:

While we generally charge 1/2 the total for your stay at the time of reservation (or the full amount for one night stays) depending on the situation and the time before your arrival, we will occasionally hold with a credit card, and we always accept cash. We can also refund back to your card when you arrive and want to pay with cash.

Answer 9:

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