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This Calender is for your refrence only. It is recomended that you email or call to verify availability before placing your deposit on line. Note the color code: - Blue for Cottage - Green for Shiitake - Red for Calypso - If there is a Name, it is booked, if it says 'available' it is available, if it has a line like this ------ that means there is a 'pencil in' and that treehouse may be available. If interested let us know and we will contact you if the person doesn't place their deposit. Additionally, 'do not' leave single days between reservations, this is fine after September 30th prior to Memorial Day, In the Summer we have a two night minimum. Be sure your choice of dates does NOT leave one day in between. Also, the two night minimum is Monday and Tuesday / Wednesday and Thursday / and Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is only rare exceptions that a three day weekend is not required, during the two night minimum time frame. Click the Link below to go to the Calender, click your 'back button' to return to our website.

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Nesting Packages Available November - February


Please Call (541) 592-4751



Vertical Horizons Tree House Paradise, Cave Junction, Oregon

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