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Winter Nesting Packages

Be spoiled beyond expectations at
Vertical Horizons Tree House Paradise
This exclusive B&B Couples Package can be Custom Tailored
Costs vary accordingly. Reservations are required

A tree house bedroomRuns November through February only. There are three Packages to choose from. Please e-mail
Or call
(541) 592-4751 or (541) 218-2718
Leave a message if no one answers; someone will return your call ASAP.

Your Special occasion includes:
Secluded paradise for two. A splendid night hanging around in a Tree!
In the morning you’ll be in Tree House Bliss. Breakfast is served with inspiring Tree-service, keeping you in the nest. Check in and out times are adjustable, depending on our availability, we'll adjust times to suit you.

Includes a complimentary gift when you arrive; always fresh flowers; DVD/CD player and a most memorable breakfast delivery. Our attention to detail with this breakfast is over the top. Elegance & style are our specialty. We don't want to ruin it by giving you all the details, better to trust us and be pleasantly surprised.

The JUST NESTING package is $350.

This is a replacement for those who forgot to Fly South. 'No', we don't have warmer weather but you'll get out of your Nest and into ours. (and we promise not to tell anyone you're here!) All the Nesting frills and then some. Just get ready to kick-back. (*see info. about custom packaging below.)

The HAPPY BIRD-DAY package is $370.

There's nothing quite like Hatching a Bird-Day in a Tree. Never assume, be pleasantly surprised! You'll enjoy all the Nesting Festivities along with a traditional Cake, Balloons, and Decorations. (*see info. for custom packaging below.)

The TWEETLY ROMANTIC package is $395.

Romantic ambiance a-la-mode. All the basic features, add a dozen Roses worth of petals from bridge to bed. Romantic music selection, candles and an additional special snack. Again, we wouldn't want to spoil it for you by giving you ALL the little details, this is something 'Romantic Lovebirds' should experience together. (*see info. for custom packaging below.)


For Lovebirds the sky is limitless. We invite you to create a custom, uniquely yours, 'Nesting Package'. Each of the above packages can be added to; *Send a personal item or note to have waiting in the Treehouse, *Get Engaged, Propose to your Sweetheart; have a ring waiting; extra flowers, *Send us any personal gift or give us an idea and we'll find one for you. *Book a massage, a Gorilla-Gram, or other service. We do our best to accommodate any request. (For items not provided, the cost will be actual cost plus 10%. Deposit required.) Customize to your wildest dreams!

We'd love to help you create the Perfect Getaway, one that you'll want to 'Re-Peep' every year! *Special Discounts for our Regulars.*

*Please reserve at least one week in advance; earlier to insure plenty of time for all the little details.

There are no guarantees we will be able to provide every request but we promise to do our best.

Please Note *Winter Rentals are subject to inclement weather conditions, as per Josephine County Building & Safety. Inclement weather is defined as twelve or more hours of sub-freezing weather conditions during each twenty-four hour day. Please call for details about how this could effect your reservation and for our Inclement Weather cancellation policy exception.

*Prices are subject to change without notice; book now to lock in the rate you see today.*

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